An increasing number of makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike are turning to Dinair airbrush makeup, favored for it’s versatility, ease of use and the incredibly smooth and beautiful finish.

While some makeup artists feel comfortable self-teaching airbrush makeup application, it’s difficult to self-teach the many different application methods that are possible with the Dinair Airbrush Makeup system! That’s where our airbrush makeup workshops come in handy, as our expert makeup artists will teach you how to create a vast array of different effects, from foundation application, to special effects makeup, to eyeliner, tanning, paramedical basics, even spray-on jewelry application!


teachYou’ll learn it all when you attend the two-day makeup workshop, offered by Dinair Airbrush Makeup’s professional instructors



At the end of Dinair’s two-day airbrushing workshop, participants will receive their official Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist Certification! This certification isn’t just going to look fabulous on your resume and your wall of certificates and achievements; you’ll also be eligible to receive tremendous discounts and wholesale pricing on Dinair airbrush makeup and mini kits.

Certified makeup workshop graduates are also eligible to take part in the Dinair Mini Kit Reseller Program. The workshop certification is a requisite for anyone who wishes to participate in the reseller program.

In addition to professional makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts who are seeking to learn more advanced Dinair airbrush makeup applications are also welcome to participate in our makeup workshops.


During the two-day makeup workshop, Dinair’s expert instructors provide step-by-step instruction to participants, teaching them how to achieve a vast array of different looks and effects for face, hair and body. The intensive makeup workshop includes many different tutorials, including the following.

You’ll learn how to apply airbrush foundation and blush. Achieve different looks, including a matte finish, sheen coverage, cont

You’ll learn how to hide flaws and minimize problem areas. The workshop covers a wide array of different application methods for concealing age spots and uneven skin tone, prominent veins, under-eye circles and bruising, freckles, tattoos, scars and you’ll also learn how to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

You’ll learn how to use makeup stencils to create a wide variety of effects, including eyebrow shading, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and

You’ll learn how to use Dinair’s airbrush system to create body art like airbrush jewelry, spray tans, three-dimensional body art, spray-on nylons, scalp and hair airbrushing, spray-on hair highlights, along with an array of other miscellaneous techniques such as airbrush moisturizer application and bridal airbrush makeup application.

The Dinair airbrush makeup workshop is a comprehensive class that will equip you with a vast array of skills. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the many benefits that are associated with airbrush makeup application.


Smooth, Flawless Skin

Airbrush makeup leaves your skin looking smooth, as it minimizes the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores. In addition, you need just a few drops of foundation to achieve a perfect, flawless appearance!

Hygienic Application

Airbrushing is an extremely hygienic process, as the equipment never touches the subject’s skin. This eliminates the need for brushes, sponges and equipment sterilization.

Airbrush Makeup is Acne-Friendly Makeup

Brushes and sponges often spread acne-causing bacteria, so breakouts are less likely when you utilize an airbrush. The makeup is extremely light too, so you don’t need to glob on makeup in order to achieve proper coverage. This allows the skin to breathe and it prevents clogged pores, so you’ll see fewer breakouts.

Comfort and Wearability

Once it dries, Dinair airbrush makeup is water-resistant so touch-up applications are not required! Most people are also surprised by the light feeling of airbrush makeup; it won’t feel like you’re wearing any makeup!

Dinair’s airbrush makeup workshops classes are held in many locations.

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